The Today Show: Body Image and Photo Retouching

This video is what every young girl, teenage girl, and adult woman needs to hear about when looking at a model on television or in a magazine.  It’s hard to believe how much the media can do to make these models look perfect.  In reality this former Miss Australian Model wants people to know the truth.  You can change anything on a woman to make her look perfect.  The media manipulates photographs to make real women feel terrible about themselves.  If you look at the statistics, so many young girls, teens, and adults suffer from anorexia and bulimia to make themselves look like the models and actors in magazines and television.  In reality, this is not what the women in the magazines and on television  look like.  Like the editor for the SHOP magazine pointed out they make changes to every picture especially the front cover to make the person look better.

Models today are 5’11” and are under 120 pounds and yes that does make them look extremely skinny.  Average woman are 5’4” and 160 pounds according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  When that’s the average height and weight for American women why wouldn’t looking at a photo retouched image make us feel insecure about ourselves.  Looking at a non retouched picture of a model at 120 pounds would already make the average American women feel insecure.

I wish today more news stations, and televisions shows would talk about the truth when it comes to body image.  It would be nice to see what these people actually look like and how they feel about themselves.  Magazines should show real women like the women in the Dove Ad Campaigns.  I also wish that I could pick up a magazine that doesn’t depict actresses on who gained weight and who didn’t.  Because in reality you never know the truth because of photo retouching.  I have to contemplate how those actresses must feel knowing that the media does this.  I know what it does to average girls and women but what about the ones that have to worry about what there image is.

In the end, the media needs to lay off whats the perfect image.  Who cares as long as these women are happy with what they look like and are healthy than it doesn’t matter.  No women, whether a model, actress, or an average girl or woman, should have to be retouched or look at retouched pictures.  Everyone is beautiful in there own way and everyone has there favorite part of there body that makes them, them.

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