Shape: Most inspiring before and after weight loss photos

Shape magazine is one of those Health and Fitness magazines that was just ridiculed in my last post for being the worst type of magazine that causes BIED.  Well on their website I found something inspiring that this magazine offers in each issue.  They offer personal stories of women and men that worked hard to lose the weight and explain how they did it.  The before and the after photos don’t make me feel like I am not satisfied with myself.  It makes me feel motivated.  Each story explains their faults before losing the weight, how they got inspired to lose weight, and what helped them stay motivated to keep the weight off.  


I feel like when health and fitness magazines talk about ways to improve on exercise or ways to get flat abs can sometimes sound negative and the pictures that they put with these articles would make you feel bad about the way you look but these real life stories are completely different and add encouragement to those who are trying to lose weight.


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