The World Has Curves

Julia Savacool embarked on a world tour of body image issues that became her new book called, “The World Has Curves:  The Global Quest for the Perfect Body.”  She discovered that globally, most women, beauty comes from more meaningful things than cosmo.  The following three countries are on the top of this list for having good body image.  South Africa, Jamaica, and Afghanistan.

South Africa has a pro body image.  If you lose weight there, people think your sick.  Levi’s begun selling a special cut jeans to flatter curvier person.

In Jamaica it is socially essential to have a little “junk in the trunk”.  Thin women are occasionally driven to consuming high-fat “chicken pills” to gain weight.  How different is that from the United States.  

Afghanistan embraces curves for women.  The longer the woman’s hair, the better.  Afghani beauty is more defined by a pretty face than a toned body.  


I found this book exert to be very beneficial for this blog because the United States has such a different view compared to these countries.  I would love for once to see the Levi Jeans like the ones offered in South Africa to show up in America.  Why not change it up.  Lastly, I conclude this by saying that I feel this article proves that the media has a lot to do with what is socially acceptable because in other countries it is acceptable to be curvier.


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